Monday, October 6, 2008

M + M Challenge, summary for Monday, October 6

Day summary:

What a day this was. I believe the M + M Challenge will be a success, and it may even be fulfilled before Sunday. I was kind of hoping that nobody will participate in the challenge, so I could have an excuse to get a long coveted Sony PlayStation II. But seems like you have decided that this money is better being invested alleviating poverty than on an exciting cool new piece of gaming hardware (so long FIFA 09!!!). Oh well, maybe Santa Claus will get me a surprise on December...

Here is a summary

Team members that loaned today:
* Ron & Linda $25
* Nuri $25
* adelas y elias $25
* Ricardo $50
* Jana $50
* Pier $25

Total for today: $200

M + M match:

Total: $125
Left to match: $75

Hopefully tomorrow there will be enough loans to Mexican entrepreneurs to match the total amount loaned by the team.

Thank you everybody. The challenge continues tomorrow.

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