Tuesday, October 7, 2008

M + M Challenge, summary for Tuesday, October 7

Phew !!! Another frenzy of loans from the team this evening. It is really hard to keep up, Kiva doesn't provide a lot of tools to track what loans have been funded on a particular day, so I ended up checking every single loan to see which one had been done today. This is the list I came up with, let me know if I missed something:

* Amalio $100
* Jim&Conchita Burmeister $25
* Cody $25

Total for today $150

M + M Match:

Total match for today $200

Challenge $500.00
Team Loans $350.00
M + M Match $325.00
Left to match $25.00

Only $150 and the challenge is complete. Thanks a lot everyone !
The challenge continues, and maybe ends, tomorrow.

1 comment:

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