Monday, November 3, 2008

October Stats

What a month October was. A month of explosive growth in members and amount loaned. Honestly, when this group started, I wasn't expecting this success. I thought a new member would join every once in a while, and new loans would be sporadic. How wrong I was. Take a look at this graphs:

Most of the team members reside in the USA, followed by Mexico, Canada, and three members that didn't disclose their location. And by the way, we have two mysterious Anonymous lenders.

The team is fulfilling its goal, which is funding entrepreneurs in Mexico, although there are plenty of loans to entreprenours around the world.

From $225.00 loaned in September to $2750.00 this month, that's a 1222.22% Increase (More than one THOUSAND percent)

Thank you everibody for your efforts.

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