Friday, November 21, 2008

Five more ways to increase the Team's impact.

Five more ways to increase the Team's impact.

6) Use RSS to pump information about Kiva loans into your email software, browser or news reader. The feed addresses for Field Partners operating in Mexico are:

· Fundacion para la Vivienda Progressiva

· Fundacion Realidad

7) Take advantage of social networks such as Facebook or MySpace to promote Kiva and the team “Para Mexico”. Particular actions you can take are:

· Install Facebook’s Causes application on your profile and then set Kiva as one of your favorites Causes

· OR install Facebook’s Kiva application (this is a different tool from the Cause application explained before). This application will show on your Facebook profile what entrepreneurs you have invested in.

. OR become a fan of Kiva's Facebook page.

· Every time you complete a loan on Kiva, you will see a small Facebook icon on the final “Thanks” screen when the transaction is confirmed. Press this icon and a news feed will be published so all your friends on Facebook can be notified that you just invested on a Kiva entrepreneur.

· Kiva on MySpace:

8) Add a link on your personal blog to the team’s pages:

9) Purchase a Kiva gift certificate for birthdays and incoming Holidays. That would make a great gift.

10) This coming Holiday season, while you partake with family and friends, take a moment to reflect on those less fortunate than us, and remember we are trying to help one microloan at a time.

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