Monday, December 1, 2008

November Stats

In November, the amount loaned and team's membership kept growing at a steady pace. The growth was not as explosive as October though, but considering the current economic situation, it was outstanding.

We have 14 new members who joined during November: George, Adalberto, Anonymous from Richland Center, WI; Sandra, Maya, Tinne, Hollito, Henry W. Moore School, Cozumel, Cesar, Priscilla, the Ysaguirre Family, Edie and Tamara. Welcome to "Para Mexico".

The first member from outside the North American continent joined the team during November, Hollito from Germany.

The total amount loaned by team members grew by 28% this month. Our team is ranked 87 on Kiva's community, with a total of 118 loans funded, at a average of exactly two loans per member.

Most of our loans are still going to Mexican entrepreneurs, with a good amount going to Latin American, a few more to Africa and Asia, and just one going to Eastern Europe and Oceania.

I cannot insist enough on using RSS to receive information about loans to Mexican entrepreneurs instantly. Those loans are becoming more scarce everytime and this is a good tool to receive a notification as soon as one is available. If you have any question about setting it up, please let me know!

I'm thinking about volunteering for the Kiva Translation Program, but with two little energy-packed girls at home it may be difficult to find more time to sit down and translate a few loan profiles. I'm sure it may be interesting, I'll post about that later.

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