Thursday, January 8, 2009

December Stats

Well, 2008 is gone and we are a few days into 2009. There is no question that our team "Para Mexico" is a success and the growth in terms of amount loaned, entrepreneours helped and number of members has been beyond everyone's expectations. Let's keep this great pace for the new year and keep helping out one microloan at at time.

Our membership grew up by 22% in December. Welcome to our newest members: carmen, Michael and Louisito, Jorge, Mauricio, Leonor, Veronica, monica, karen, Xamarante, Fabian, Ronny, Celia, Karencita, Aimee and Marcia.

Most of our members are in the USA, followed by Mexico and Canada. And we have our first member from Australia, Aimee.

I really thought the loaned amount would be stagnant during December, due to the current economical climate and the Holidays, however many of you decided it was a good idea to invest on kiva during this Christmas season. Kudos to you'all!! There is certainly no better way to raise spirits than to give. Our total loaned grew a whopping 53.19% during December!!! Congratulations, what a great effort!

Most of the loans are going to Mexico, followed by other latinamerican countries such as Peru, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Dominican Republic. We have many loans going to countries in the African Continent as well, some others to Central Asia and Cambodia, and just one going to Eastern Europe and another to Oceania.

Impact within the Kiva community (out of 4120 kiva lending teams):
Loans: 165-----Ranking: 86 (+1 from previous month)
Total Loaned: $5,400.00-----Ranking: 82
Members: 72-----Ranking: 57

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