Monday, February 2, 2009

January Stats

January was record setting. During the month, we loaned the total amount of $2,550.00. That's twenty five dollars more than the previous record setting month, October 2008. Great job!

Due to the high activity we had over the last month, our team jumped a good number of positions within the Kiva Community. I just wish to remind you that, in order to increase the team's impact, it is better for instance to split $100 on four entrepreneurs than to invest $100 on a single one, so the total amount of loans for the team would increase by four, not just one. Kiva teams are ranked based on number of loans, not amount loaned.

Impact within the Kiva community (out of 4611 Kiva lending teams):
Number of Loans: 248-----Ranking: 72 (+13 from previous month)
Quantity Loaned: $7,950.00-----Ranking: 70 (+12 from previous month)
Number of Member: 82-----Ranking: 58 (-1 from previous month)

Our loaned amount grew up 47.22%. Membership grew up 13.89%.

We came down one position on the Number of Members ranking. I know it is difficult to sustain the same member growth rate as when the team first started, so bring over a friend or two to join us. I'm pretty sure your invitee will have great fun investing on entrepreneurs around the world, and it will be fulfilling too!

Now the graphics:

Welcome to our newest team members: John, Tapatingo, M. Jose, Miguel A. Osuna, darwin, Hector, Mario, familia lugo (first member from Honduras), Marco, Vlad (First member from The Netherlands) and Juan (Chicago IL).

And last but not least. We are now 12 days away from our first Valentine's Day Loan-A-Thon. If this effort is succesfull, we can easily reach the $10,000 dollars loaned mark, which would be a nice achievement for our team to fulfill. Remember there are some goodies that I'm giving away for the Loan-A-Thon, five Kiva lanyards, and one Kiva hat. So get ready, it starts at noon Feb 13, it ends at noon Feb 15, your standard time zone.

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