Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine’s Day Loan-A-Thon is two days away!

Good day fellow lenders, we are only two days away from the team’s first Valentine’s Day Loan-A-Thon. What better way to show some love than by giving? As you can see, the total amount loaned is inching closer to $9,000; great effort from the team! But if the Loan-A-Thon is successful; we could easily break the $10,000 mark, which would be a great accomplishment for our team to fulfill.

The Loan-A-Thon is over a two days period spanning February 13 to February 15. It will start on February 13 at noon, on your standard time zone.

The idea is that all of us (at this moment, we are 86 members) contribute with at least one loan. If all 86 of all invest on at least one loan, the total amount loaned would be boosted by $2,150.

And don’t forget the goodies! Each $25 you loan will entitle you to one “ticket”. At the end of the Loan-A-thon, each ticket would go into a lottery to determine six lucky winners of five Kiva lanyards and one Kiva hat that I will be happy to ship wherever the winners are:

Now, I have to ask you to write a comment on the Team’s page letting me know that you funded a loan during the Loan-A-Thon, so I can issue a “ticket” for you. This is VERY important, since Kiva doesn’t provide a good mechanism to track who did a loan on a team’s behalf. I cannot emphasize this enough, for each loan you fund, write a comment on the Team’s page, or I may not be able to track it!

Well, that’s it for now. Get ready! And by the way, since this is a Valentine’s Day Loan-A-Thon, why don’t you bring over that special one to join our team and participate as well? I bet that is better that giving one of those cheesy Valentine’s Day cards!

Do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions!

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