Monday, March 2, 2009

Best. Month. Ever.

This is the most successful month for our team hands down. The amount lended over February was $4,250.00; and the total amount loaned overall grew up 53.46%. Thank you everybody for your efforts during the month and particularly the Valentine's Day Loan-A-Thon.

The Valentine's Day Loan-A-Thon was a total success in terms of growth of total amount loaned, we easily surpassed the initial goal of reaching $10,000.00 invested. Another goal of the Loan-A-Thon was encourage members that have low activity on the team to participate more, however, this goal was met with mixed success, since out of about 90 members at the time of the Loan-A-Thon, only 25 members funded loans, and most of them are involved regularly on investing on Kiva. I hope all the winners have already receive their goodies. Wear your hat and lanyards proudly!!!

On team membership, welcome to our newest members: Anonymous from Washington, NC; Bernardo I and Bernardo II from Mexico city, Bret (Phoenix AZ), Vlad (Canada), Alejandro (Naucalpan, Mexico), Veronica, Martin (Montgomery AL), Sabrina (El Paso TX), Tomás / Toño (Guadalajara, Mexico), marin (Fairfield CA), and Cecilia.

Impact within the Kiva community (out of 5218 Kiva lending teams):
Number of Loans: 397------------Ranking: 68 (+5 from previous month)
Quantity Loaned: $12,200.00-----Ranking: 68 (+2 from previous month)
Number of Member: 94------------Ranking: 61 (-3 from previous month)

Wow! Despite the explosive growth we had, we didn’t climb high on Kiva's rankings, the competition with other teams is brutal!

Now the graphics:

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