Friday, May 1, 2009

April Stats

The total amount loaned grew a respectable 20.34% during April, for a total of $3,275.00. Our third best month so far. We added 109 new loans, making our team jump four places, to position 63 out of 6279 Kiva lending teams.

I have notice that altough our team is not very big compared to other monster-teams such as AASFSHNR, Kiva Christians and Team Obama, our Number of Loans per Member is actually higher than two of them:

Kiva Christians: 6.88
Team Obama: 4.39
Para Mexico: 5.70

No doubt our team members have a high commitment in this cause. Keep up the good work!

On team membership, it was the slowest monthly growth. Five new members joined us, one left us, for a net gain of four. Welcome:
viri (Los Angeles, CA)
Sharon (Toledo, OH)
Ruth (Shoreline, WA)

Now the graphics: