Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sin Nombre

I just saw “Sin Nombre” at our great Capri Theatre here in Montgomery. I left the theatre speechless, hard to believe that such a beautiful movie can show so accurately the brutality and dangers awaiting immigrants traveling through Mexico hoping to reach the United States. It is not a feel-good movie, it hits you hard over and over again, and then some more.

The movie is about two teenagers, Sayra, a young Honduran girl planning to trek with her Dad and Uncle all the way from Tegucigalpa to New Jersey, and Willie/Casper, a Mara Salvatrucha member in Tapachula, Mexico, who turned his back to his gang and is being hunted. They will meet each other and will end up traveling together to the North. This is a movie you just have to see. Go to your local art cinema, add it to your Netflix queue, ask for it on you closest video-rental store.

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