Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June Stats

June was our second best month, we loaned $3,925.00, an increase of 16.90%, not bad! Membership also had the biggest grow in three months. An unusual amount of people is joining Kiva as a result of the opening of its platform to entrepreneurs of the United States. That increase may be trickling down to our group. Welcome our 12 new members:

Leticia (Wapato, WA)
Ivan (Mexicali, Mexico)
Bob (Sapulpa, OK)
Pepe (DF, Mexico)
Emilio (San Jose, CA)
Brent (New York, NY)
Gabriel (Los Angeles, CA)
Bryan & Nicole (Houston, TX)
jose jesus (Tlatizapan, Mexico)
Liz (Westbrook, CT)
David (Evansville, IL)

Again, not a lot of change of the position of our team within the Kiva community, we have been stuck on page 7 for some time now.

Impact within the Kiva community (out of 7289 Kiva lending teams)
Number of Loans866Ranking: 64 (+3 from previous month)
Quantity Loaned$27,150.00Ranking: 68 (+2 from previous month)
Number of Members133Ranking: 62 (-1 from previous month)

Now the graphics:

I have been presenting the same graphics and information for some time now, if you have some ideas about some other data about your team you would like to see, let me know.

I have not receive any communication from Kiva regarding the problems with Admic Nacional, got an email reply with pretty much the same information as the field partner's web page. That issue is still pending.

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