Friday, September 11, 2009

August Stats

August was our third best month! We added $3,900.00 to our amount loaned, a growth of 33.33% more than July, well done!

We have nine new members, welcome:
Raul (Denver,CO)
Damien (Italy)
Dominic (Baton Rouge, LA)
Cornelia (Hamburg,Germany)
Alexandra (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
Maria (Castle Rock, CO)
Hector (Monterrey, Mexico)
Rachel (Gurnee, Il)

Again, team stuck on page 7 for some time now:

Impact within the Kiva community (out of 8467 Kiva lending teams)
Number of Loans866Ranking: 69
Quantity Loaned$33,975.00Ranking: 68
Number of Members145Ranking: 65

Now the graphics:

By the way Happy Birthday Para Mexico!!!

It is hard to believe that one year has gone already, it sure looks like yesterday when this group started just a few days after Kiva implemented the feature.

At the end of the team's first month, $225.00 where loaned and 14 members had joined. Look at us now, with nearly $35,000.00 loaned and 147 members. I guess we can conclude this team has been a success!!

Thanks to the founding members that joined over the first month:

adelas y elias
Cindy & Dan
Jim & Conchita Burmeister

And thanks everyone for joining the team and supporting more than one thousands entrepreneurs in Mexico and around the world. Let’s make the second year as successful as the first one!