Tuesday, November 3, 2009

October Stats

Well, congratulations everyone. October was the best month in term of amount loaned: $4,600.00 was distributed among 141 new loans, well done! That's $350.00 more than the previous record month, February 2009.

Membership growth has been explosive during the last couple of months as well, 45 new members joined, 26 in October alone, making this month the best in terms of number of team members since the team was first created. Welcome:

Hugo (Williamsburg, VA)
MexiSue (Glenwood Springs, CO)
Norma(DF, Mexico)
Hardy (Dallas, TX)
Cynthia (Laredo, TX)
Paul (Oxnard, CA)
jose louis
Jessica (San Andres Cholula, Mexico)
Heber (Chicago, Il)
Audri, Estrella & Carla (Wichita, KS)
Miguel (Visalia, CA)
Amilcar (DF, Mexico)
Nehemiah (San Antonio, TX)
Irene (Ossining, NY)
Sebastian (Zapopan, Mexico)
Susanna (New York, NY)
Karen (Arvada, CO)
Anonymous (El Paso, TX)
Brad (Sommerville, MA)
Juan (Katy, TX)
Marian (Recruit-a-Thon member!)
Allison (Recruit-a-Thon member!)
Lily (Bronxville, NY)
Manuel (Merida, Mexico)
Jim Middleton (Santa Cruz, CA)
Roberto (Irving, TX)

All new members, please take a minute to read the following recommendations to make your team experience better:

Five ways to increase the Team's impact.
Five more ways to increase the Team's impact.
RSS and Kiva.
Overwhelmed by Kiva and Para Mexico's email load?

Now the graphics:

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