Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Overwhelmed by Kiva and Para Mexico's email load?

There are teams out there with hundreds, a few of them with thousands of members, which maintain a very active and vibrant message board, which is great, except that one of the main complains floating around is the some times staggering amount of email people receive in their inboxes, as a consequence of message board activity. Many people decide to move on to other less busy teams or stop being members of any team altogether.

Too much email in your inbox generated by Kiva and Para Mexico's members? If you feel like this is your case, please don't quit, there is a way to fix that:

On your "My Portfolio" page, click on
"My Account" then
"Email Preferences"
and set "Send me Team Messages" to your desired delivery option.

You can change other delivery settings to avoid getting too much email from Kiva on that very same page.


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